What are the benefits of Beans Tour?
  • See address specific insights about your clients, tours, listings and showings in one app
  • Copy and paste a listing URL to create a showing for your clients in the Beans Tour app
  • Review and discuss the notes and photos that your clients take and upload about toured properties in Beans Tour
  • Optimize multiple showings according to their time and location
  • Find accurate mapping information about properties before you arrive (where to park, the location of the building entrances, where’s the pool, gym, other amenities, etc.)
  • Track your clients’ route in real time
How can I get the app?
Real Estate agents and brokers can download Beans Tour directly from the App Store. You can also contact Sales@BeansTour.ai to speak directly with a representative.
Clients searching for homes should contact their real estate agent to invite them to use the Beans Tour app
Does the app work on all platforms?
The Beans Tour app is compatible with iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android smartphone and tablet platforms.
How do I create tours for my clients?
Select, copy, and paste the URL of the listings that you would like to share with your clients (from any source i.e. Zillow, Trulia, Redfin) and Beans Tour will create an optimized tour of showings, getting you and your clients where you need to go.
How do I add notes and photos?
  • Select the "Info" button
  • Select "Add a note"
  • Start typing your notes
  • Select the "Save" button
  • Select the "Info" button
  • Select "Add a photo"
  • Select the "Save" button
Is the Beans Route app free?
Contact sales@beans.ai for trial and pricing.
Which markets are mapped?
We cover all of the continental U.S. A majority of apartments we currently have are in CA, TX, AZ, FL, and NV. We add thousands of complex destinations weekly.
How do I leave feedback about the app?
Email support@beanstour.ai
How do I invite clients to join me on the Beans Tour app?
In the app and on the web version at beanstour.ai, you have an option to invite your clients to join you on Beans Tour. Beans Tour then generates invitation codes to add your new clients. Copy the invitation code and text or email it to your client. The code will include a link to download the Beans Tour app.
Will my clients be charged for using Beans Tour?
How do I generate codes to send to my clients?
Simply click on the "Add Client" button to invite your clients to use the Beans Tour app. They’ll receive a text message and email with the link to install and run the Beans Tour app from either the App Store or Google Play Store. Clients simply need to follow the app onboarding instructions and they’ll be able to access arranged showings and tour properties!
How do I edit client information?
Click the "Modify Client" button to make changes to client information.
Do my clients need anything special to download the app? Do I?
After you invite your clients to join you on the Beans Tour app, they only need to have an IOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Your clients will use the code that you provide them with to open a customized version of the app with your name, photo, branding, and their scheduled showings.
Are there instructions I can send my clients on how to use Beans Tour?
Refer to the installation and onboarding instructions on the App Store and Google Play Store.
How does support work?
You can contact us directly through the information provided to you upon sign up. You can also contact at support@beans.ai.
How many apartments does Beans Tour have mapped?
Beans Tour has precise data for over 8 million complex destinations, like apartment units and mobile home parks, across the U.S. with thousands more added each day. This data leads you and your clients straight to the front door of available units and highlights a complex’s entrances, parking, leasing office, and amenities.
How does mileage tracking work?
Instead of having a separate app to track your miles, simply enable the Mileage Tracking feature in Beans Tour. All trips (showing, tours, and previews) are recorded, color-coded according to your calendar events, and stored under the "Mileage Tracking" tab. Easily sort through your trips and mark them as business or personal to keep an accurate and organized record of tax deductible miles.
How can I see the tour status of my clients to update appointments and manage schedules?
Encourage your clients to turn on their location when using Beans Tour to enable real-time ETAs for precise appointment scheduling and status.